ANu Beginning 

"Peace not Pieces"

  About Us:

Our mission at ANu Beginning is simple "interrupt and impact lives through stability, responsibility and generosity"

ANu Beginning's specalized approach to mentoring & Character development offers youth & young adults the opportunity to hear 1st hand from others about  their pasts that they lived to tell about, thus allowing for our participants to learn from others mistakes, which is always less painful. (We've bumped our heads so that you don't have to bump yours too, unless you insist) 

We also work alongside other community organizations and help provide stable, sustainable employment and O.J.T for those who desire a new beginning.



ANu Beginning is an organization that works with ENDANGERED youth to give them the desire to fulfill their potential in life with a sense of Dignity, Belonging & Destiny! We assist young people who are on the verge of being extinct due to gangs, drugs, human trafficking & violence that TRULY want to CHANGE in ALL areas of life. 

ANu Beginning has opened it's doors to a countless number of youth & has been able to transition MANY into a lifestyle of change which for most includes simple things like going to school, not drinking or drugging, changing friends & all around enjoying life without looking over their shoulders for the police or a rival because they are now doing the right things the right way.

ANu Beginning is NOT funded by large private or public donations. It is funded by YOU! The youth in this program understand their chances of getting a job in today's economy in slim to none especially if you haven't graduated high school yet and/or have any type of record in or out of school. We are committed to raising up business owners who can sustain this economy for themselves & help others sustain it too. Business owners who are in business for others to succeed & in turn they succeed. 

   The youth are all taught everything they need to know to acquire a "real-job" such as proper dress attire, w-4, I-9, interview techniques, hygiene ect. Yet, they also are integrated back into their own communities by way of "community service." Our youth are able to see the IMPACT their lives have on society in a positive way. "YOU MATTER" is the motto! Little things make a big difference.

ANu Beginning also teaches it's participants everything they need to know about Eccommerce. Our participants go on "field-trips" to antique malls & thrift stores so they can see how to "flip" legal merchandise. They also can see how they can take the knowledge they have & blend it with those who may have antiques but don't have the knowledge to put them in an online setting to increase revenue.

By merging the generations we can help to perserve the wisdom of yesterday with the charisma of today.  



This program was envisioned a few years ago. After reading the artical "What should Clark County do with teenage prostitutes?" We saw a need to be able to counteract the problem of juveniles taking the hard road, going to jail and ultimately not being able to get jobs. "These girls are what you call throwaway kids,"Roske says. "Nobody wants them, nobody loves them, and they know it"  Here at ANu Beginning we KNOW that there are NO "throwaway kids"...They are ALL wanted & loved & we want them to know it!!

With aburning desire to be a VOICE for those who were voiceless Rachael Richardson set out on a course that would change her life & the life of many others that she came accrossed. Starting in a warehouse that was rented for their local cleaning company God's Way cleaning the Richardsons developed an Ecommerce program for youth & young adults to be able to make a viable income all while being exposed to THRIVING & not just surviving. Most commonly referred to as "The Shop" the youth are required to journal, participate in group sessions, dress up & attend field trips that educate them on anything from composting (Vegas Roots community garden) to amber lamps (antique mall)


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